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"Like its chef and owner, Caribbean Plate in Falls Church is good at many things"

In Jamaica, jerk is an adjective. It is a verb. It is a description. It is a process. It is a way of life on the island, where jerking the flesh of wild-caught animals was originally about preserving the meat, not just flavoring it. Maroons, enslaved West Africans who...


"Your Favorite Flavors Are Back at Caribbean Plate"

How badly have you been missing the authentic Jamaican flavors at Caribbean Plate? The recent shutdown meant you didn’t have access to sweet and smoky Ziggy wings, curry goat roti, or perfectly seasoned oxtail stew. But your wait is over. As...

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"Like Its Chef And Owner, Caribbean Plate In Falls Church Is Good At Many Things"

A former professional soccer player, Rod O’Savio is a self-starter and self-taught cook who rises to the occasion no matter what he does.